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Imagine having global shoppers who could pay you using any crypto or token of their choice – where you receive good ol’ USD/Fiat with no risks and no volatility – all of that while paying just a single transaction fee. Yep, it’s that easy.

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The fastest crypto payment solution for merchants just got better.

CryptoPay improves upon existing technologies and offers a unified solution that is both easy to use and feature-rich. Don’t believe us? Take a deep dive and see what makes us different!

Instant Crypto-to-Fiat Conversion

Shoppers can pay using 100+ leading cryptocurrencies while you receive all of your settlements in fiat (USD/EUR and more) daily. Never let any crypto volatility affect your margins!

Easiest Crypto Checkout Solution in the Market

 No more clunky QR-Code Payments. CryptoPay shoppers can now pay using their favorite exchanges, wallets and coins with a single click – we accept all leading platforms and make the shopper’s journey a seamless one from the shopping cart to the checkout window – which means more sales for you!

Zero Chargebacks and
Zero Hidden Fees

Embrace the power of blockchain and bid goodbye to chargebacks. CryptoPay ensures all transactions are irreversible by default – which means you control when and where your money goes. And did we mention that you get all of this with no additional fees? Yep, we are that transparent.

Feature-Rich Dashboard that Gives You Complete Control

Access and customize your customer’s crypto payment experience by choosing your preferred crypto and exchanges – send and receive invoices, access transaction details and generate customer reports to track your payments – all available through a single CryptoPay merchant account.

Easy 1-Click Installation on your favorite eCommerce platforms

We support leading eCommerce platforms and are always adding more every month!

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