Making Crypto Payments Easier

CryptoPay started out as a passion project for a team of cryptocurrency enthusiasts who saw the utility and real-time value of using cryptocurrencies as a payment method for merchants. The speed and security of the blockchain networks powering the different cryptocurrencies were far superior to existing credit card payment rails and had numerous advantages over traditional card-based payments. 

But cryptocurrencies were a complex piece of technology and their steep learning curve posed hindrances to their adoption as a payment method. This is where CryptoPay came in – by bridging the gap between easy-to-use conventional payment methods and the superior technology of crypto; CryptoPay lets global merchants accept over 120 different cryptocurrencies in payments and settles all deposits in USD in the merchant’s bank account.

Our Vision

CryptoPay’s seamless checkout process removes cumbersome forms, long wallet addresses and makes crypto payments easy and secure.

What Our Merchants Have to Say